Brigantia 2015

Brigantia (Imbolc) Ritual and Celebration with Sassafras Grove, ADF

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Friends Meeting House

4836 Ellsworth Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Doors at 5:00 PM, Ritual at 5:30 PM

Join Sassafras Grove in celebrating Imbolc (or, as we call it by the Romano-British name, Brigantia) and honoring the goddess Brighid, the Patron of our Grove. Brighid is one of the most well-known deities in the Irish pantheon, and her worship – whether as goddess or saint – remains widespread in modern times.  Best known as a goddess of Healing, Poetry, and Smithcraft, in this ritual we will honor her in what have become our Sassafras-traditional nine aspects of Midwife, Foster Mother, Initiator, Smith, Poet, Warrior, Healer, Hearth Tender, and Goddess of Sacred Wells.

You may want to bring:

  • A candle to dedicate to Brighid—blue or white candles are traditional (extras will be provided)
  • Your Bratog Brighid to hang up and be blessed by the goddess (see below).*
  • A praise offering to Brighid. Appropriate offerings can range from artwork, poetry and songs to homemade food and crafts to healing tools.  Anything associated with one of her nine aspects is highly appropriate.
  • Brighid Novena ribbons/cords to contribute to the conclusionary offering (if you opt to participate in this year’s “Brighid Along With Sassafras”)**
  • A blanket for Project Linus (see below)***
  • A journal to donate to the therapy program of Center for Victims (see below).****
  • A snack to share after the rite. Due to time constraints, we won’t be having a full potluck for this celebration, but munchies are welcome!

Please note that our hosts do not allow alcohol at this site.

The Friends Meeting House is located at 4836 Ellsworth Avenue in the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh’s East End. There is a small parking lot adjacent to the building in addition to on-street parking. You can find a link to a map for the Meeting House on the front page of their Web site at

There is no cost to attend our rites and events, but we do rely on donations to help us cover the cost of space rental and supplies. If you can, please support your local Druids!

For more information about this event, Sassafras Grove in general, or our parent church Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF), please feel free to email us at

*A Bratog Brighid (or Brighid’s Mantle) is a blue or white cloth or shawl that has been blessed by Brighid on Brigantia/Imbolc. Traditionally, a Bratog Brighid is hung by the hearth or from the door-knob on Brighid’s Eve. Before the family retires for the night, a small bed is made in a basket by the hearth. As the family goes to bed, the head of the household calls out from the front-door, “Brighid, your bed is ready!” When Brighid enters the home that night, she blesses the cloth and it carries her healing grace for the coming year.

**Please see our website for more information about the Brighid Novena and Brighid Along with Sassafras: [This link no longer works.  I’ve included the info you need in a separate attachment.]

***Project Linus: Sassafras Grove is collecting blankets for Project Linus, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a sense of comfort and security by  distributing blankets to ill or traumatized children in hospitals, shelters, and social service agencies nationwide. All blanket styles are welcome, including quilts, tied comforters, fleece blankets, or homemade crocheted/knitted blankets. Please donate blankets in child-friendly colors. All blankets must be washable, free of pins, and due to allergy restrictions must come from a smoke-free environment. Store-bought blankets must be laundered before donation.

****Center for Victims is a community-based, non-profit organization dedicated to providing education and support services to families who have been impacted by all forms of violent crimes.  This year we are collecting journals for the children’s therapy program which will directly benefit children who have been impacted by crime including homicide, sexual assault, domestic violence, community violence, etc.  Journals must not contain metal (i.e. no spiral bindings).  Black and white “composition books” are especially useful.

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