Brighid along with Sassafras!

For many years Sassafras Grove members have engaged in a tradition of The Brighid “Novena,” and once again we are inviting our community, both local and online, to participate with us. For each of the nine days before our Brigantia rite, we each focus on one of the nine aspects of Brighid we honor and work with in Sassafras Grove. Activities for the day can include saying aspect-appropriate prayers, making offerings, doing crafts, etc. Each day we also tie a knot in a ribbon, string a bead, etc. to mark that day’s work. At the end of the week we offer that string or ribbon, symbolizing the work of all nine days, at the Brigantia rite. We are asking everyone who attends the rite who wishes to “Brighid along with Sassafras” to bring their ribbon to tie into a Brighid’s Cross that will serve as the Final Sacrifice to Brighid at the rite.

So you can’t make it to our rite? No worries! You can Brighid-along with us entirely on your own! Just offer your strang at your own Brigantia (Imbolc, February Crossquarter) celebration.

Each day we will be sending out via SassafrasGroveDiscuss and our Facebook page poems, prayers, and links to provide inspiration for each aspect. Our list of aspects of Brighid and accompanying dates is below.

Midwife: January 23rd

Foster-Mother: January 24th

Initiation: January 25th

Blacksmith: January 26th

Poetry: January 27th

Warrior : January 28th

Sacred Wells:  January 29th

Hearth Fire: January 30th

Healer: January 31st

Sassafras Grove’s Brigantia Rite will be held at 5:30 PM on Sunday, February 1 at the Friends Meeting House, 4836 Ellsworth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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