Samhain Rite

Sunday, November 6
Ranch House, North Park, 10198 Kummer Rd, Allison Park, PA 15101
Arrive anytime after 12:30. Ritual briefing begins at 1 pm. Rite immediately follows.

Throughout history, society has created its own Monsters, the Other who embodies a culture’s fears and insecurity. Society makes it easier to oppress and fear people different than themselves by dehumanizing and creating an atmosphere that promotes hatred, bigotry and repression.

Join us for a Samhain Rite where we explore imagery from classic horror tales and films as we honor the Dead who did not conform to society’s expectation of behavior, appearance, religion or gender; all those made monstrous by society’s fear of difference.

By remembering these hidden and often forgotten Dead and telling their stories, we are called to face our own fears and prejudices, and to renew our commitment to honor and affirm all of Earth’s children.

All Pagan and Pagan-friendly folk invited to attend! Kids are welcome but note that this rite is little more solemn than most of our events.

What to Bring:
An offering for the Forgotten Dead. Suggested offerings include food or flowers
A light snack to share following the ritual.
Alcohol is not permitted onsite, even as an offering.

There is no cost to attend our rites and events, but we do rely on donations to help us cover the cost of space rental and supplies. If you can, please support your local Druids!

Let us know if you have any questions!

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