Brigantia (Imbolc) Rite

Sunday, February 7, 2021

1 pm

Via Zoom (email us at for the link)

Join Sassafras Grove in celebrating Brigantia (Imbolc) and honoring the goddess Brighid, the Patron of our Grove.

Brighid is one of the most well-known deities in the Irish pantheon, and her worship – whether as goddess or saint – remains widespread in modern times.

Best known as a goddess of Healing, Poetry, and Smithcraft, in this ritual we will honor her in what have become our Sassafras-traditional nine aspects of Midwife, Foster Mother, Initiator, Smith, Poet, Warrior, Healer, Hearth Tender, and Goddess of Sacred Wells.

What to bring if you choose:
A candle so that we can join our sacred fires
An offering to Brighid

A candle to dedicate to Brighid that we will use to call in the blessings.

Images, representations, or symbols of Brighid

Your bratog*

We’ll have the grove altar set up, but feel free to set up your personal sacred space if you wish.

*A Bratog Brighid (or Brighid’s Mantle) is a blue or white cloth or shawl that has been blessed by Brighid on Brigantia/Imbolc. Traditionally, a Bratog Brighid is hung by the hearth or from the door-knob on Brighid’s Eve. Before the family retires for the night, a small bed is made in a basket by the hearth. As the family goes to bed, the head of the household calls out from the front-door, “Brighid, your bed is ready!” When Brighid enters the home that night, she blesses the cloth and it carries her healing grace for the coming year.

Email us if you have any questions!

Photo by Diane Watson

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