Beltane Rite

Please join us via Zoom for our Beltane Rite

Saturday, May 2, 3 pm

Zoom Link-Beltane Rite

This rite will honor Thor, protector of humankind and his wife Sif of the Golden Hair, who is associated with fertility of the land and family.

The ritual will begin at 3 pm, but please join the meeting by 2:45 for a short briefing.

What to bring (if you choose):

Offerings to Thor and Sif.  There will be an opportunity during the rite to make your offering at home.  Thor loves beer or mead.  Appropriate offerings to Sif would be bread (she is connected to wheat, specifically), mead or beer of course, or maybe a shiny bobble for her hair.

A beverage to consecrate with the blessings of the rite.

If you are able, a candle so that we can join our flames together in the Sacred Fire.

You’re invited to set up your own altar if you wish, and we’ll have the Grove altar up and onscreen during the rite.

Our Blacksmith focus for this right is:

Generating Heat: creating energy and using it for growth. (sexual, agricultural, political…)

As the weather grows warmer with the sun’s return, we absorb this energy to revitalize our health, our energy levels, and our conviction to go forward and create the change that is needed for our communities.

We will be doing a special working including the Goddess Eir, as she is a Goddess of healing and medical skill.  We will be asking for her help in conjunction with Thor and Sif.  As Thor is also a god of battle, Eir is appropriate within this rite:  “As a Valkyrie, Eir accompanied her battle-sisters. While the other Valkyries chose the slain, Eir would choose who would live and recover, and return to health.”

You can read more about her here:

Things that may help you connect with her are below from the website.  (Re:  copper – find a penny dated before 1982 – easy thing to find and use!)  A wheat penny would be especially appropriate. In addition to connecting with her, any of these would be a good offering to her, if you wish, so she can use them to heal the sick.  Obviously, not the sauna (hahahaha)

Signs and Symbols

Mortars and pestles, healing instruments, and bandages. Saunas. Healing herbs, home remedies, and folk medicine. Copper. The colour red. Hill tops.

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