Spring Equinox Omen

Due to concerns around the Covid-19 virus, our public Spring Equinox Rite was cancelled.

We posted links to the text of the rite and asked folks to celebrate with us wherever they were, all beginning at the same time if possible, to join energetically.

Grove members were invited to a Zoom meeting and those who could  joined in.  (We kept the meeting to grove members since we aren’t the best with technology and wanted to try it out with a small group. )

I had the grove supplies bins, so I was able to set up an altar using the grove’s tools.  It was a nice way to keep continuity.  We also blessed flower bulbs and our ritual beads so I’ll be able to get those to folks once we can meet again IRL.

At our high day rites, we often review the omens from the rite we celebrated six months ago, and the rite we celebrated six weeks ago to remind us where we are coming and what blessings and messages we have received from the Kindreds. 

Six months ago at the Autumn Equinox, we were reminded that the struggles and difficulties of the past year were creating new ground on which we can flourish.  Time does not stand still and we are called to do the work that we need to do sooner rather than later. When we gathered at Brigantia, we were reminded that even when the way is difficult there is still beauty to be found. Ponder what we really need and go for it, without second guessing or overthinking.

Our omen for  Spring Equinox (Anglo-Saxon runes)

Were our offerings accepted?  Yew-reliability, trustworthiness-The offerings have been accepted

What blessings we are offered?  Day-The sun will rise in morning, no matter how dark the night.  The sun shines for all wherever we are. We are sent divine blessings

What do we need to focus on in the coming six weeks?  Yew again-We are rooted and sustained by those we can rely on.  Reach out to those you can count on for support.

Many members also took personal omens and it was interesting to see how the individually omens aligned so well with each other.

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