Autumn Update

Autumn to winter always  seems to be a busy time in the Neo-Pagan calendar.

In October, our Second Fridays at Moonstones workshop was a bit of prep for our Samhain Rite.  We discussed Monster Theory, society’s tendency to “Other” those who don’t fit the current mold, and how classic movie monsters can reflect our fears.  Using imagery from   classic horror films, our Samhain rite honored the Dead, those who are forgotten, unmourned, and unloved.  Working with the Dead throughout the rite, we honored Mary Shelley as our Bardic Patron and called Ed Wood, cult  film director/producer as our Gatekeeper.

We were challenged to face our own fears and prejudices and invited to light candle, a flame in the darkness as a sign that we will strive, always to do better and affirm the beauty and worth of all of Earth’s children.

                   Samhain Altar

In addition to our public events, Grove members joined together for a Dumb Supper to honor our ancestors.  We each prepared a dish that was special to our families, and had an opportunity to share stories about the food and ancestors before calling them to join us.  The silent meal provides a space to commune with our Beloved Dead and celebrate the memories we shared.

We’re already thinking about rituals and events for next year and hope you can join us for our Yule rite on December 16.


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