Call for Healing! For Earrach! Today, July 12

Ok,  we need everyone’s Attention.

Earrach of Pittsburgh needs everyone to participate in a concentrated healing work today to help with his healing.

This is a call out for laser focused healing juju all day today. SEND STRENGTH, HEALING, & LOVE.

Envision abcesses draining, shrinking, disappearing!

Envision Brighid’s holy Flame lighting the way, burning them away.

Envision Brighid’s sacred Water washing them clean, washing them away.

Envision this at your Healing altars, with your Healing Dieties – at your desks at work – wherever you happen to be!

So, Love, Hugs, Healing and Strength to Earrach, Diana, and Millie!!!

Brighid altars activated!   . ALL altars & healing work activated!!!

Love, healing, & support to you all!   

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