Core Order of Ritual in Alliterative Verse

Sassafras Grove’s own Maria Stoy recently finished a version of ADF’s Core Order of Ritual done in alliterative verse. Each step of the liturgy is a stanza in the poem below:

Sound now the horn!              Let all worlds hearken!

We come here now                 To honor the Holy Ones.


Stand as the Tree,                   Stretching roots

To the deep well,                    Branches wide reach up

Elf-Fire embracing.                 Firmly connected

Below and above,                   Between earth and sky.


Beings whose ways                 From law waver,

Kinless and friendless,            Foes of the Ases,

Dwellers in shadow                With dark intent,

Turn from this door                 Our work trouble not.


Sweet Mother Earth,               Mighty yet tender,

Provider of all things              Needful and pleasing

To enrich and nourish             All nations and tribes,

We honor your body               And praise your bounty.


Behold, Etin-Hoard,               Honeyed Dwarf-brew.

Awaken within us                   Wisdom and vision.

Songs of praise freely             Pour clear and sweet

From mortal lips,                     To lofty heights fly.


Come we together                   Friends and kin-folk

In purpose united.                   Offerings pour

In thanks for gifts                   From High Ones given.

Prayers we raise                      In rite just and holy.


Bright and worthy                  Silver we bring.

Cast in waters depths              This well sanctify.

Wisdom of ancients                Stirs and awakens,

Floats to the surface,               Memory Flows.


Incenses rises                          Skyward to fires

Of sun and stars.                     This flame sanctify.

Sire of creation,                       Spark of insight,

Pierce the mist                         Morning emblazon.


Fixed at the roots                    With fire’s light crowned,

Stretching branches                 Breach all the Worlds.

Sacred the Tree                       At creation’s Center,

Holy the Tree                          The heart of the Earth.


Part now the clouds,               Make ready the path

That wanders between.           Ways be open.

The gates unlock.                    Guided safely

On branch-roads,                    Realities bridging.


Mothers and Fathers,              First teachers of lore,

Our youth you guarded,         Guided our way.

Blood of your blood,              Bone of your bone,

Recalled to mind,                    Be here remembered.


Root, bud and branch,                        Whale-road and river,

Elves, dark and fair                 Dwellers above and below.

Playful wights in                     Wild wood dancing,

Helpful spirits,                         Homes protecting.


Fierce and bright ones,            Who ice and fire tame,

Mighty bestowers                   Of Breath and Spirit,

Guardians of field’s                Growth and harvest,

Bringers of life,                       Death’s grim bearers.


Mighty Kindreds,                   Our call now heed.

Companionship share,             Ancient compacts keep.

Fine offerings we bear            To sacred feast.

Gifts freely given                    Noble guests to honor.


For wisdom quest.                  Hearts and minds quiet,

Seeking blessings.                   Secrets revealed

As Wyrd’s tangled                  Web discloses

What is needful                       For folk to know.


Gift follows gift,                     Full is the horn!

Sweet, golden mead               By Kindred’s grace

Filled with blessings               On favored kin

Graciously bestowed,             Gratefully received.


Connections forged                Strengthen community.

In hallowed space                   Sacred bonds renewed.

Though parted now,                Partnership endures.

Good journey bid we              To honored guests.


Far we have wandered            On hidden ways.

Behind us now                        The branch-roads close.

Reality narrows                       ‘Til one world remains.

With key in the lock                The gates are closed.


The well returns                      Once more to water.

Darkens the fire                      To sallow flame.

Firm stands the tree                Though the center retreats.

All is as before,                       Bettered by our work.


Loving and fierce one,            Our lives in your hands,

From you we are born,            In your bosom we rest.

Sweet Earth Mother,               You gifts we savor.

Praises we sing                        For all you provide.


Sound again horn!                   Holy work completed,

Our frith renewed,                 In friendship we part.



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