Woden and Frige -Inspiration Tag-Team

Woden leads you on a merry chase through mists of time. Moving expertly from branch to branch on the Eormensyl he crosses between all worlds and all worlds reveal their mysteries to him. He tell you stories of the heroes that were and make your heart sing with tales of your own. He sings along with a drunken pirate song, or chants the names of the runes until their fire burns in your head. He recites epics and elegies, or a ribald poem about things in men’s pockets. He awakens in you the desire to be master of words, a singer of songs and teller of tales. You return from your journey with him burning with passion to create stories inspired by lore and your own travels through the worlds. The power of knowing echoes in your head and you know that the music of the universe is at your command.

You sit down with your journal and scribble notes about all the tales you will tell, and congratulate yourself on how clever you will be. Then nothing happens. You can’t think of where to start, so you don’t. You’ll write that poem someday, when you aren’t too tired from work, or running that public ritual or binge-watching House of Cards. Time passes, you forget your initial exhilaration, and are left with meaningless images scrawled across the page.

Let Woden lead you the long and winding path, but once you are home, call to Frige, his consort, to help you get to work. Frige, Lady of the Hall, knows how to get the job done. She can teach you how to organize and make real and tangible the ideas in your head. She will remind you that creation is process that starts with raw materials. She shows you that by weaving, thread by thread, word by word, the pattern emerges. She demonstrates how to pluck out flaws, and remake the piece into a greater, if different, whole. She provides the method for inspiration’s madness. Let Frige’s industry work through you and you will learn to spin your words as adroitly as she spins her wool.