Lughnassadh 2015

Lughnassadh (Summer Cross Quarter) Rite and Games
Saturday, August 8, 2015
Games Begin at 1:00 pm; Ritual at 4:00 pm
Lakeview Grove, North Park (North of Pittsburgh, PA)

Join the Druids of Sassafras Grove for our annual Lughnassadh ritual and games on Saturday, August 8, 2015!

Our rite will honor the Irish god Lugh, the Lord of Skills, as he is wed to the Lady of Sovereignty, the goddess of our land, our rivers, and our community. We acknowledge the first harvest by celebrating the work of the Grove on our 22nd anniversary and asking for the blessings of the royal couple on the work of our own lives.

Schedule of Events:

1:00 pm:  Games begin

3:00 pm: Snack break

4:00 pm: Ritual begins

5:30 pm: Potluck picnic

What to Bring:

* Offerings for Lugh and the Lady of Sovereignty. Particularly appropriate offerings include something that showcases your skills or first fruits from your garden/local market.

* A chair/blanket if you wish to sit during the ritual

* A dish to share at the potluck picnic

* An entry for the cooking/baking/brewing competition, which could also serve as your potluck dish (see below)

* A donation of pet food for Animal Friends’ “Chow Wagon” pet pantry (see below)

This year’s Lughnassadh Games will include:

1. Agility & Perseverance: egg (plastic ) on spoon race
2. Accuracy & Fearsomeness: Rock toss with Battle cry
3. Strength & Cooperation: Tug of War

1. 9 ADF Virtues
2. Identify 9 local plants (will be provided)
3. Name at least 9 local (tri state) waters: lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, springs.

1. Bardic: one song, poem or story no longer than 3 minutes in length
2. Culinary: one item baked, cooked or brewed, brewing need not be alcoholic (may be pot luck contribution)
3. Creation: 30 minutes to make either a drawing, sculpture, or painting in the theme of First Harvests

 While alcohol is permitted at this event, glass bottles and containers are not allowed at this site. Please plan accordingly.  Sassafras Grove expects all guests who choose to drink alcohol to do so legally and responsibly.

Our rites and events are free and open to the community, but we do rely on the monetary donations of those who are able to defray the cost of space rental and ritual supplies. Support your local Druids! Tickets will also be available for our Brighid Blanket raffle, so bring some extra cash if you’d like a chance to win this gorgeous, handmade item.

For more information about this event, Sassafras Grove in general, or our parent church Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF), please feel free to email us at

Bright Blessings,

Nicholas Egelhoff
Scribe, Sassafras Grove, ADF
Celebrating 22 Years of Serving the Gods and the Folk

Chow Wagon

Sassafras Grove supports Animal Friends’ Chow Wagon Program. If you can, please consider bringing a package of cat or dog food (canned or dry), cat litter, food/water bowls, treats, or toys for donation to the Program. Donations must be new and unopened. Chow Wagon serves over 1000 local families by distributing food and toys through food pantries. See  for more information about Animal Friends.

Directions to Lakeview Grove

Enter North Park via McKnight and Babcock Boulevard; Turn east off of McKnight onto Babcock. Follow Babcock onto Pearce Mill Road; Turn Right (uphill) onto North Ridge Road; follow North Ridge Road uphill past many smaller groves.  Lake View Grove will be on your left, near a crest in the hill. There is ample graveled parking, but the Grove itself is not visible from the road.  For a map, please visit the Parks Web site at:

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