What Would Druids Do on St. Patrick’s Day?

Before Patrick
Before Pelegious
Before Rome

In the beginning of days
In the time before time
In the age of myth
The Shining Ones came to Ireland

The Tuatha de Dannan,
Children of Danu
Mighty Warriors
Sweet tongued bards
Fearsome lovers,
Were honored by the folk.

Today, a day so often darkened by irreverence, politics and prejudice,
We unite to honor these Ancient Gods and Goddesses.

We honor our ancestors
Those who gave us flesh and blood
That we might walk in this world of form
Those whose examples have lit the torch
That guides us on our path
And especially the Ancient Wise
Druids, Bards and Ovates
Priests, story-tellers and seers
Whose ways inspire our ways
And whose tradition we seek to uphold

We likewise honor the spirits of this world
Those of fur, feather, and fin
And the Sidhe, the Fair Folk
Who dwell with one foot in this world
And one foot in the Otherworld.

We come together as a grove, a community
To make offerings
To offer praise
To remember… (Maria Stoy)

Statement of Intent from Sassafras St Patrick’s Day Irish Rite

In some past years, Sassafras Grove has gathered for a public rite of offering to the Kindred of Ireland on March 17.  While we are not gathering for the ritual this year, we invite those who wish for a legitimately Pagan alternative to St. Patrick’s Day to perform our Irish Blessing Rite at their own hearths.  Imbibing of Irish whiskey is optional.  Imbibing of green beer is highly discouraged.


Diane “Emerald” Bronowicz Egelhoff
Senior Druid, Sassafras Grove, ADF

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