Brighid-Along with Sassafras Grove!

For many years Sassafras Grove members have engaged in a tradition of a Brighid “Novena,” and once again we are inviting our community, both local and online, to participate with us.

For each of the nine days before our Brigantia (Imbolc) rite, we each, in our own way, focus on one of the nine aspects of Brighid that we honor and work with in Sassafras Grove. Activities for the day can include saying aspect-appropriate prayers, making offerings, doing crafts, etc.

Many of us also do a small action to symbolize the work of each day-string a bead, tie a knot in a ribbon, draw a picture, etc. At the end of the nine days, we offer that craft at our Brigantia Rite.

This year our rite will be on February 5, so we’ll begin our Brighid-Along on January 27. We’ll post the daily resources on our Facebook page

If you’d like to start nine days before your own Imbolc rite, you can find links to all of the daily resources here:

Day One – Midwife-…/brighid-along-2017-day…/

Day Two – Foster Mother…/brighid-along-2017-day…/

Day Three – Initiation…/brighid-along-2017-day…/

Day Four – Blacksmith…/brighid-along-2017-day…/

Day 5 – Poet…/brighid-along-2017-day…/

Day 6 – Warrior…/brighid-along-2017-day…/

Day 7 – Sacred Wells…/brighid-along-2017-day…/

Day 8 – Hearth Fire…/brighid-along-2017-day…/

Day 9 – Healer…/brighid-along-2017-day…

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