Brighid-Along – Day Six: Warrior

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the “Brighid-Along” aka the “Nine Days of Brighid.” Below are some resources to help you connect with today’s aspect of Brighid, Warrior.

German Version

The iconography of Brigantia herself has played a large part in inspiring how we work with her Warrior aspect in Sassafras Grove. The famous Roman-era bas relief, found in Scotland, shows the goddess holding a spear and globe, conjuring depictions of Roman warrior goddesses but clearly marked “Brigantia.”

Allusions in Irish lore to Brighid’s courage and especially her protection have definitely inspired us as well. We are especially fond of this Paganized version of the Carmina Gadelica’s “Blessing of Brighid (264) which we call the “Descent of Brighid.”

The genealogy of the holy maiden Brighid,
Radiant arrow of flame, noble foster-mother of gods,
Brighid the daughter of the Dagda,
Dagda the Good God, the son of Danu,
Danu the Mother of all Things.

Brighid of the mantles,
Brighid of the peat-heap,
Brighid of the twining hair,
Brighid of the augury.
Brighid of the white feet,
Brighid of calmness,
Brighid of the white palms,
Brighid of the kine.

Brighid, woman-comrade,
Brighid, woman-helper,
Brighid, woman-mild.

Each day and each night
That I say the Descent of Brighid…
I shall not be slain, I shall not be injured,
I shall not be put in cell, I shall not be hewn,
I shall not be riven, I shall not be anguished,
I shall not be ravaged, I shall not be made blind,
I shall not be made naked, I shall not be left bare,
I shall not be enchanted, I shall not be cursed,
Neither shall my power leave me.

No fire, no sun, no moon shall burn me,
No water, no flood, no brine shall drown me,
No earth, no sod, no turf shall cover me,
No air, no wind, no vapour shall sicken me,
Nor seed of the Fairy Host shall lift me,
Nor seed of the Airy Host shall lift me,
Nor earthly being destroy me.

I under the protection of the holy maiden,
I am under the shielding of good Brighid each day;
I am under the shielding of good Brighid each night.
Each early and late, every dark, every light.
Brighid is my comrade-woman, Brighid is my maker of song,
My gentle foster-mother, my beloved Brighid

Working with Brighid as Warrior can help you find the courage within yourself to fight your battles large and small. It can also help you find protection and aid when you truly need it. See what lessons Brighid the Warrior will teach you. (Diane “Emerald” Bronowicz)

Brighid Along Day 6—Warrior

Back held spear-straight
Your eyes flash confidence
Sword arm ready, clan-shield sentry. (Rowynn CleerDawn)

The Nine Virtues of Brighid: Warrior/Courage

No matter how strong, well-armed, and fully-trained a warrior may be, they would be unable to fight without courage. Like warriors, we all face situations in our own lives that inspire fear, and we must have the courage to overcome that fear and do what needs to be done. (Diane “Emerald” Bronowicz)

How do I overcome my fear today and do something I need to do? How do I take that first step?

Warrior Invocation to Brighid: Sassafras Traditional

Siul Linn, a Bhríd* (Walk with us, Brighid)
Hail Brighid, Goddess of Warriors
Lady of weaponry and armor
Protectoress of battles
Your fires arm the warriors as they go into battle
Your fires protect and give courage
Your fires return our loved ones home safely
Protectoress, let our loved ones return home unscathed
Lady of arms and weapons, give us protection and courage to fight our daily battles
Brighid, Goddess of Warriors, Siul Linn, a Bhríd. (Diana Paar et al.)

*”Shoe lean ah Breejah”

Gemstone – Black Agate

Agate is well known for balancing the subtle energies. It is said to assist with protection, (especially of children) impart courage and help with healing. It’s said to increase energy in bursts, and so may be used when a big `push’ is needed. In ages past, people put agate in their drinking water to dispel sickness. (Michelle Handa & Deana S.)

Essential Oil Blend

Cinnamon, clove, and lemon (Victoria Grammer)


Tiwaz – Like the warrior aspect, Tiwaz does not just represent winning the battle. It represents honor and doing what is right, even if that means a great personal sacrifice. (Victoria Grammer)

Day Six: Warrior Meditation (audio)

Warrior Meditation

Take three, deep, cleansing breaths.

Exhale fully…let go of the tensions and distractions of your day.

Take three more deep breaths. Breathe into any part of your body that may be uncomfortable.

Allow your breath to fill you, cleanse and ease you.

Turn your attention to yourself, to your center.

Take three more deep, cleansing breaths.

In your mind’s eye, see yourself in your sacred space, at your shrine, in a cave, sheltered beneath a tree, the place where your magic runs deep.

Focus for a moment on your center, and breathe into your core.

Allow your attention to flow downward from your center, through your legs and feet and down, down into the earth, through the soil until you touch the water below.

Feel the deep waters below you, deep and cool. These are the waters of stillness, the waters of calmness, the waters of preparation, of action held in readiness. This is the well of integrity, the well of strength, the well of courage.

With your next three breaths, draw these clear, calm waters into yourself….up through your feet, through your legs, through your body. Draw the waters into your center, a pool of ancient courage and strength resting at your center. Still and cool the well rests at your center.

Remember your connection to the waters below.

With your next three breaths allow your attention to flow upwards toward the heavens, through your chest and neck, and out through the top of your head.

Piercing the midnight blue of the night sky the stars shine their light, guiding you upward. Find your star, the one that shines for you alone. Turn your attention to your star. It is the fire that that burns in the heart, the flames of passion, and the quick spark of emotion. This is the fire of action, the flame that burns with love or hate, fear or courage; the flame that strengthens your resolve.

With your next three breaths draw that inspiring fire down from the sky, through your head, through your chest, down to your center. Filling the darkness, the fire of courage embraces the waters of integrity, merging ardor with stillness. Boldness and uncertainty, justice and mercy, the Fire and Water combine. This union below and above stirs your heart, armors you against all danger, protects you from all fear. Connected below and above, you are upheld by the embrace of the oneness.

Allow that oneness of fire and water to flow through you, around you, and over you. Feel that oneness connecting you to the mysteries above and below. Rest for a moment in the mystery.

Now slowly, bring that energy back into your center, flowing back through you to your center.

Let the powers separate, and allow the waters of stillness to flow downward from your center, through your legs and feet and down, down into the earth, keeping only what you need to calm yourself. Allow the fire of the stars to return through your chest, through your head, and upward into the heavens keeping only what you need to defend yourself.

Turn your attention to your center and take three deep breaths. When you are ready, open your eyes. (Maria Stoy)

Brighid Healing Prayer: Warrior

Hail to you, Brighid the Warrior!
Stalwart guardian of the vulnerable.
You shield us from the harshness of the world,
Defending us as you teach us to defend ourselves.
May your fierceness spark the courage within me.
May your power feed my will to fight.
Brighid, Goddess of Warriors, I honor you. (Diane “Emerald” Bronowicz)

Brighid Warrior Prayer

Brighid, you arouse our warrior spirit
Awakening our courage when we need it most
We carry your strength within us to face the struggles ahead
Standing strong when times are hard
You lend us the will to persevere
Protecting us, calming our fears
Brighid, Goddess of Warriors, we honor you. (Diane Dahm)

Brighid Warrior Affirmation

You are the Warrior, defender, protector
Bless the work of my head, heart and hands.
May I have courage to walk in integrity
May I have the integrity to defend my beliefs
May your mantle shield me from all danger
Bíodh sé amhlaidh (Maria Stoy)

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