2019 Schedule

Here is our schedule for 2019 for folks who like to plan ahead!

We’ll be posting to the usual places closer to each event with info on theme, time, what to bring, etc.

High Days

March 24th: Spring Equinox, North Park, Parrish Hill

May 4th: Beltane, South Park, East Rise

June 21st: Summer Solstice, Friends Meeting House

August 4th: Lughnassad, North Park, Lakeview Grove

September 22nd: Autumn Equinox, North Park, Parrish Hill

November 1st: Samhain, Friends Meeting House

December 22nd: Yule, Park, Ranch House

Workshops/Blessing Rites

All are at Friends Meeting House from 7 PM to 9 PM unless otherwise noted

March 15th (Friday) – Irish Blessing Rite, Maria

April 25th-Bardic, Healing Song and Chant

May 23rd -Drum Healing (Millvale House)

June 27th TBD

July 18th Bardic-Write a Song!

August 22nd Blessing Rite honoring Thor

September 26th- Nature Spirits – Beyond Animals

October 24th- Blessing Rite honoring our LGBTQIA Ancestors

November 21st ā€“ Blessing Rite Honoring Odin

December 12th ā€“ Yule Traditions, Ancient and Modern



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