Autumn Equinox Rite

The Druids of Sassafras Grove, ADF invite you to join us for our Autumn Equinox Rite and Celebration to be held on Sunday, September 23, 2018. The festivities will be held indoors at Parish Hill in North Park.

All Pagan and Pagan-friendly people are invited. Children are welcome to attend!

Doors open at 2 PM. The ritual will begin promptly at 3:00 PM with a potluck feast to follow.

This year’s rite will honor the Goddess Marzyana, the Polish Goddess of harvest and grain

A year ago, at the Autumn Equinox, our omen reminded us to be flexible and bend with the winds.  We were also asked take those things that are no longer of value to us, and turn them under, so that they can rot and transform, so that when the time comes, our soil will be well nourished.

Six months ago at the Spring Equinox, the Kindreds told us that good things were coming, but not necessarily in the way we expect.  We were assured that we would be guided and inspired as we travel to our destination. We blessed the tools of our labor, and laid these blessings into fertile soil, nurtured them, and waited for them to take root and grow strong.

As the Wheel turns and we prepare to celebrate another equinox, take time to reflect on the changes that have occurred over the past year.  What have you put aside? What have you transformed?  What have you planted?  What have you harvested?

We are asking folks to bring a symbol of something they have harvested this year.  It can be actual harvest from your garden, a new craft or skill you have learned or improved, or a spiritual, emotional or psychological transformation.  We’ll gather these together before the ritual begins and use this community harvest as our conclusionary offering.

We will be collecting yarn to donate to ADF affiliated Frogstone Circle Prison Worship Group. The men in the circle use the yarn to knit and crochet winter wear for folks who are homeless.  Any type of yarn suitable for scarves, hats and mittens is gratefully accepted. We will also accept non-metal  crochet hooks or knitting needles that are no longer than 8 inches in length.

In an effort to reduce waste and walk more gently on the Earth, we invite the folk to bring their own reusable plates, cups, flatware etc. for the potluck feast.

2 PM: Doors Open
2:30 PM: Song rehearsal/Ritual briefing
3:00 PM: Ritual begins
Post Ritual (4:30-ish): Potluck Feast

What to Bring:
* A symbol of your personal harvest for the community offering
* A personal offering to Marzyzana
* A chair/blanket if you need to sit during the ritual
* A dish to share at the potluck following the rite

*Donation of yarn for Frogstone Circle

*Feast Gear

Parish Hill is located on Walter Rd in North Park, Allison Park, PA, 15101.
It is located near 40.60185, -80.014759 for those of you with GPS devices. Please refer to for a park map.

Plant a Tree! Over the next year, Sassafras Grove will be collecting cash donations to be used to plant trees through the Arbor Day Foundation in honor of the Earth Mother. For just $2.00 we can plant a tree in a National Forest! So if you have an extra dollar or two, please consider donating. We’ll keep you updated quarterly on the planting progress!

Our events are free and open to the community but we do rely on donations from those who are able to help us cover the cost of space rental and supplies.

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