Beltain Will be Beautiful!

There is no way to sugar coat it: it looks like Saturday’s weather will be cold and rainy. However, that is no reason why we can’t have a bright, festive, and joyous Beltain nonetheless. Consider these points:

1. East Rise Grove has a huge pavilion with plenty of space to keep everyone dry throughout the day. In fact, it’s so big, that it’s in its own category on the South Park Web site:…/sout…/east-rise-shelter.aspx.

2. Beltain is a FIRE festival. It’s right there in the name! And what is the one thing associated with Beltain that’s even more basic and iconic than the Maypole? The Balefire! This year we will kindle the fire at the start of the event and keep it going until the end so we can share in its light and warmth the whole day. Doing this is going to take more wood than we’ve budgeted for, so please, anyone who can, bring wood to Beltain! (That’s what she said.)

3. Don’t you hate it when you spend an hour crafting a gorgeous May crown only to find that your flowers are half wilted by the time the ritual starts? Not this year! Colder weather means flowers will stay fresher longer. We’re all going to look fabulous! And how often do you really get to wear your adorable rain boots? Don’t miss this opportunity to show them off!

4. Dancing the Maypole in the rain is just plain fun!

5. Our Beltain auction and raffle is our biggest fundraiser of the year. It’s how we raise a significant chunk of the money it takes to rent space and buy supplies to bring these wonderful events to our community–events which are always FREE. We have tons of incredible things this year: original artwork, handmade jewelry, drums, stones and crystals, divination sets, books, devotional/ritual gear, kid’s stuff, baked goods, event tickets, readings, LuLaRoe, and much more! Please come out and support your local Druids! (Cash, checks, and CARDS accepted!)

Umbrella Seer Beltane Picture of Me
“The Oracle”
©Christina Watson (2010)

This Beltain celebration in South Park has been happening longer than the Grove itself, and this is our 25th year! Be a part of history as you honor Flora and Faunus and celebrate the turning of the year with Sassafras Grove!

Beltain Blessings!

Diane “Emerald” Bronowicz Egelhoff
Senior Druid, Sassafras Grove, ADF
Pittsburgh, PA

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