Pagan Pride Day

A huge thank-you to the organizers of this year’s Pagan Pride Day!  As always it was a good time to meet new folks and visit with old friends.

Amazing workshops by keynote speaker, Selena Fox and guest speaker Byron Ballard.  Looking forward to reading Byron’s books on Appalachian folk magic.

We set up a table with info about the grove and ADF,  as well as a small altar where folks were invited to make offerings to their personal Kindreds.  Another huge thank-you to grove members Emerald, Nick, Diane W. and Danielle who worked  the table and answered questions.


Diane and I hanging at our table. On the book case on the right you can see some of the grove ancestor dolls.

As we prepare for the groves’s 25th anniversary, we distributed a survey to get a better idea of what the community is looking for in public worship, location and timing of events,  and workshop suggestions.  Look for an online version of the survey coming soon.

ADF member Diana Paar of Panaradia, one of the readers at the event, had a full slate of clients over the course of the day.  Diana is a fantastic tarot and intuitive reader, so if you’re in the Pittsburgh area,  pay her a visit.  You can find more information on her website

I often feel one thing missing from our local PPD is more focus on spirituality.  I’d love to see more groups presenting rituals so the greater community could get an idea of what groups actually DO.  Pittsburgh has several groups that present public rites, and might cool for people who are solitary or searching to have an opportunity to explore community worship and rituals.

Don’t forget our Samhain Rite coming up November 5.   More info coming soon!


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